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Sarro House Publishing recognizes the value of proficient writing, creativity, and an author’s knowledge and experience in crafting a powerful, helpful message for the reader. With the content of this website and the blog articles we publish, we aim to inform and inspire readers on the topics of loss and grief from a psychological, microsociological, neuroscientific, and personal perspective.


We examine the four principal dimensions of the grief experience: cognitive (what we know), affective (how we feel), behavioral (how we behave), and valuational (what is important to us). 


Finally, we can’t write about, teach, or learn about death and dying without also doing so about life and living. We can’t grapple with our losses without also reflecting upon our gains.

Readers and writers, we're happy you are here! Thank you for joining us in learning to live with loss for richer, fuller lives.

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portrait photo of the founder of sarro house publishing

Sarro House Publishing exists as a passion project founded by Connie Tash, a lifelong autodidact and nonfiction writer and editor of more than 30 years. Always fascinated by the social and behavioral sciences, she earned a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University and a master’s degree in Thanatology from Hood College.


As a proud first-generation Italian American, Connie chose her family name, Sarro, to brand this small publishing house. You are invited to connect with her on LinkedIn.

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